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. but we could be in for a round of strong storms. storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer is monitoring our conditions this afternoon. >> right now, this afternoon, looking very, very nice. temperatures of 70 degrees currently. the winds gusting at times upwards of 15 to 25 miles an hour. the airport only about 8 miles an hour, the winds out of the south. we are also seeing plenty of cloud cover, but also peaks and pokes of sunshine, too. take a look at the numbers around the region. most everybody into the 70s to the east. 60s back to the west. 65 in hagerstown, 64 in winchester, 71 in la plata. 74 degrees towards fredericksburg. no rain around our region right now. but over the next couple of hours we'll see an area down to the south, a few showers could turn into a few thunderstorms as it moves farther to the north. this would get to our area in the next two to three hours. here's the frontal boundary back to the west. it has strong to potentially severe storms with it. this will continue to move our way. it will be making its way through this area in the late evening a
that interjection changed the course of the entire debate from that point forward. at the bottom of the hour doug schoen along with pat caddell to discuss the political implications and why they say we can expect this to be a critical event for the final presidential debate coming this monday. you can see that right here. coverage begins monday night 8:55 eastern time. join me, bret baier. it happens monday night right here on the fox news channel. i cannot promise ... bret will be inside the debate hall with this debate. i will be in the alley talking like this. hope you will be with us. new numbers out on the growing financial burden american college students are facing. a report shows student loan debt is up and it's becoming a major issue on the campaign trail with each candidate offering their own plan for relief. trace gallagher has that story. >> reporter: the big fear is you have a lot of students looking at student debt. they are saying they are going to skip college all together. according to the institute of college access and success it says that 66% of last year's college grads walke
today. but clouds are moving in now. we could see some changes. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is outside enjoying the last little bits of this day. doug? >> a little bit on the breezy side. the rain is now moving in. some of that rain could be rather heavy as we move into the overnight hours. let's look outside right now, 68 degrees. winds gusting to over 20 miles an hour in parts of the region. we are seeing temperatures that are starting to fall a little. they're not going to fall much. 70 in leesburg, down to the south fredericksburg coming in at 71 degrees. that's where the rain is now. down around stafford county, around the fredericksburg area, fauquier county and warrenton, that's the first batch of rain. there's aot more rain coming back to the west. and down to the south in the carolinas, that also making its way our way up i-95. we'll talk more about that, and when you may need these tomorrow, too. >>> coming up, is it a way to fight crime or a violation of privacy. the controversy over recording conversations on public buses. >>> i'm jackie bensen on wisconsin avenu
, and ed rollins and juan williams and tucker carlson, and doug schoan with us. new reports of militants showing strength in benghazi before the attack on u.s. consulate. the terrorists held a conference in june, which was attended by the bulk of al qaeda network in libya. that according to a pentagon research report. joining me now fox news national security analyst, kt mcfarland. first, let's deal with if we may, that debate. thpresident making the straightforward statement, that he declared it to be a terrorist attack the day after benghazi, i have to tell you, the press has been mute on that statement b the president. it is remarkable. >> it is very -- the greatest story of our time, which is that press is see no evil, spe no evil and hear no evil in the cult of obama. the word terror may have left his lips in that rose garden ceremony but it had nothing to do with the benghazi attack, they pun it for twoeeks, that was not part of their narrative, 5 days before that attack. the president was at the democratic convention he said, bin laden is dead and al qaeda is back on its heel, yet
for possibly a stormy night. storm 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer is tracking everything on the radar. how is it looking? >> right now looking at the showers and storms off to the west. and down to our south, too. nobody is seeing any rain right now. 69 degrees at the airport. looking at mostly cloudy skies. quin the winds now coming off the potomac towards the airport now. 70 degrees in leesburg. 73 in fredericksburg. a little cooler to the west. winchester right now sitting at 64 degrees. you can see on the radar, no real shower activity around the immediate area. but notice just south of fredericksburg, starting to see some showers entering spotsylvania county. that's the first area of rain we'll see just to the north of richmond. it will move right up i-95 and be in the washington, d.c., area in just two hours. the area in west virginia, strong storms back there, they could try to move through our region overnight tonight. most areas will get wet overnight tonight. we'll also talk about what you can expect tomorrow. tomorrow morning could be a little rough. pat? >> all right. thanks. >
the gravesite of president kennedy. >> plus, doug hill will tell us what we can expect to rest of weekend and tomorrow. >> the yankees trying to stay alive against the tigers and the american league championship series. most of the talk is about the giants'-redskins on sunday. scott pelley: "you made on yourt paid 14% in federal taxes, is that fair to the guy higher rate than you did? romney: "yeah, encourage economic growth." us. is that the way to grow america? this messa. >> a member of the virginia guard no longer faces a of committing a terror attack, instead paying a $15 fine. was arrested august 20 near a of westford the schools training rifle. he pled no contest to public intoxication and willful of the school. in exchange, the felony terror dropped.s >> a special tribute today to kennedy. john f. a contingent of green berets wreath on his cemetery. his grave at arlington national cemetery. afterwards, a special forces capability demonstration was myer.t fort >> good day for that, beautiful day. >> the clouds are moving quickly, a little bit of rain, coming into the viewing area r
are on storm watch tonight. beautiful evening tonight. for some rain coming in less than 24 hours. doug hill joins us now. >> all quiet right now. across the region. this time tomorrow, we can see a of showers. check numbers around the area. hill. oxon winds will increase tomorrow, well ahead of this cold front is kicking up problems from , mississippi, parts of kentucky.ssee, all severe thunderstorms. dozens of tornadoes warnings. it will be breezy and warm. we have a slight chance of severe weather in the area fromd pennsylvania through south carolina. will be tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. send you to bed with cloudy skies. conditions. a nice day during the day. it all could change. that is why we are on storm watch. >> thank you. still to come, d.c. mayor gray says, show me the money. to your money.d trump, a new controversy. >> a man instead after headache by amtrak train. investigators are not sure why s on the tracks. engineers say he was walking the tracks and did not up be -- look up before the train hit him. >> police at the university of are searching for a o stole a student
there. >> for sure. >> it's gotten a hole lot colder tonight, doug. >> it's chilly tonight, but nothing like what we saw last night. some areas were in the 30s by this point. >> it was so lovely out today, it was just a shock. >> it was quite lovely. awl across our area, not a single complaint as far as i heard, anyway, no matter where you were during the day today, you saw plenty of sunshine and nice temperatures. right now, still looking pretty nice. but doreen says it's cold outside. so let's take a look. you want to see someplace that's real cold? colorado. how about this. the first ski resort of the season opened up today. this is a basin. they call it a basin out there. it's one of the tallest ski resorts in the country. the summit? 13,500 feet. they have one ski resort -- ksk run open and one lift. that didn't stop hundreds of people from get k out there. they take their skiing seriously. for the record today, a low of 46. we ended very nicely. the record high, 86 degrees. currently sitting at 58 degrees. last night at this time, we were down around 52. a few degrees warmer. wind
some thunder during night. chief meteorologist doug hill has what we can expect. >> 68 degrees outside the belfort furniture weather center. when the rooftop camera, breaking through the clouds, but cloudy skies through evening. front approaching from west. mild temperatures, 70 degrees manassas, 68 waldorf, 69 bethesda. patchy rain northwest of richmond, moving in our direction. ahead of the cold front coming the heavier downpours and thunderstorms. it will be after 8:00 when they they survive the trip. later tonight and overnight, thunderstorms, 58 in the morning. the forecast coming up. >> don't forget to check the on wjla.com, and of the weather with watch seven app. >> from fairfax county, a major crime.wn on fairfax county police have arrested more than 100 people for various charges. horace holmes is live in fairfax with the story. >> they have taken everything drugs to counterfeit dvd's, process the police say prevented some serious crimes. the police went out again this to round up suspects and this 10-month in crackdown. anthony was getting his hair cut to the dollar store wh
the affects of the healthcare law. doug abg elway live i abg mcelway live in washington with more on this. >> reporter: quite a contention by issa that this demonstration project is being used to buy the election. here is why issa believes that. the obama administration and hhs through $8.35 billion into this medicare advantage demonstration project. that money has the os sentencible affect of postponing the first round of cuts to medicare advantage that obamacare would impose. is it really a demonstration project? it's costing more than the combined 85 previous demonstration projects before it. in effect propping up medicare advantage, issa contends, so seniors won't see the cuts coming to it. keep in mind that a center piece of the romney campaign is that obamacare imposes $716 billion in cuts to medicare. >> what's important about this is the money they are taking, they are taking out of nowhere. this is not appropriated money, this is money that bypasses congress and just allows secretary sebelius, by calling this what she is calling this to spend $8.3 billion to basically buy an elec
of corporate communications doug fitzgerald, responding to the problems with google, quote, we are fully engaged in an investigation to determine how this event took place and are purviewing our -- pursuing our first obligation to serve our valued customer. that coming from the executive vice president at r.r. donnelley, doug fitzgerald. back to you, ashley. ashley: we have a response from the printer, financial printer apparently released the earnings early. tracy: too soon. ashley: too soon. tracy: could have replaced nasdaq in that to flash back to the face book ipo, right? ashley: yeah. tracy: for more, we're joined by tom forte, internet analyst. tom, my head is spinning. i can't imagine what your head is doing during all this. first of all, what do you think of this premature release if i can say that? >> it is pretty surprising that the numbers came out while the market was still open. we were fully anticipating google to report after the market closed do. so that was kind of the first surprise. the second surprise, these numbers are the actual numbers they were much weaker than a
in that. back to you guys. >> doug luzader live in washington. thank you. >>> the president's foreign policy is what newt gingrich is talking about this morning. taking a harsh stance against the president about how he is handling the attacks on the libyan consulate and the approach on radical islam. >> what is there about barack obama's psychology that makes it so difficult for him to deal with the reality of extremism? why is it always the west's fault? why is it always somebody in america's fault? why is he always apologizing for islamic extremists? i think this is a very serious question about the whole nature of his approach to that part of the world. second, this has been consistent from the united nations ambassadors going on 5 different shows telling the american people a false hood on the sunday after the attack to vice president biden on the national debate who repeatedly misleading the american people to the president last night misleading the american people. the larger question you have a president of the united states who is commander-in-chief will not be honest with him
it and thanks for watching. >>shepard: they meant well. >>megyn: i felt bad for doug schoen. go buy it, "hopefullyless divided." >>shepard: the news begins anew on "studio b" today. a new poll, good for one and not so much for the other, this pulled ahead. the biggest lead to date outside the margin of errors. intelligence sources say the attack on the consulate may have been a spur of the moment strike and the intended target was likely the c.i.a. that is new. more bad news for folks looking for work. jobless claims are on the rise after hitting a four-career low. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city the presidential candidates back in the same room tonight setting to attend an annual charity event in new york city where they will likely set politics aside and poke fun at themselves but today the ceasefire has not quite caught. >> the governor romney took another stand trying to sell us this $5 trillion tax cut that favors the wealthy. he took another swing at it. instead of telling us how he paid for it
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)

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